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Tour Packages


Day 1

-Stroll along Sangke River in town to see interesting well-preserved colonial buildings and Cambodia traditional wooden houses at Wat Kor Village!

-Ride of Nory (Bamboo Train), unique and fun ride that break all the transport regulations in Europe and America, be warned, and do not try it back home!

-Visit Banon temple is a mountaintop, 11th century Angkorian ruin consisting of five towers. Peaceful location with a nice view of the area. Also L’Ang but Meas cave. Very old (150 years+) active pagoda at the base of the mountain.

-Killing Cave tours to Phnom Sampov where you get to see tons of skeletons of Khmer Rouge Regime victims and views of surrounding rice filed on top of Sam Pov Mountain!

Day 2

-Buddhism VS Hinduism in harmony visits Ek Phnom Temple to see Angkor period Hindu temples inside Ek Phnom Buddhist monastery!

-The making of Bamboo Sticky Rice, Naam, rice paper wrap for one of the most famous Khmer dishes, learns how this rice paper is made from those who make it for generations!

-For those who have strong stomach, visit Prahok Market where you will get to see how Cambodian fermented fish paste is made, be warned, the smell could be very aromatic in some ways!

-Late afternoon, go for a walk at Battambang Park next to Sangke River to see many locals come out for picnic and aerobics exercise!